This Gujpe Quick Guide is designed to provide step by step instructions for working in Online Payroll Management System. The hope is that the steps presented in this tutorial will provide you with foundational knowledge that can be built upon later. As the name indicates this is a Quick Start Guide that serves as a launching point for your exploration into GujPe. It will not provide an in depth explanation for the processes involved. For this, you can consult the GujPe Support.

GujPe System Developed for Reduce Paper Work and Consuming Human Hours of Government Employees.

A Payroll System involves everything that has to do with payment of employees and filling of employment taxes.Different Modules are available for employee time-tracking, calculating wages, withholding taxes and other deductions, printing and delivering checks and paying employment taxes to government.

Features & Benefits

  • Payroll System will automate the salary disbursement process.
  • Software will remove human error which occurs during payroll calculations.
  • Software comes with different modules for configuring employee, office and pay centers data.
  • You can add pay centers and offices inside pay centers from Master module.
  • You can generate bill/reports on the go, when required.
  • This will reduce the paper work at Offices, Pay centers and at Block level.
  • You can generate bills for Block level. Bill are of three types,
    • GPF
    • CPF
    • Fix Pay
  • You can get reports for Taxes and other deductions at one place.
  • Income Tax, Profession Tax
  • Deductions like Insurance, House Rent, GFP/CPF and Insurance.
  • You can get Annual Statement for employee salary.
  • You can easily save time and manage your Taxes.
  • You can check and generate your Arrears Bills.
  • You can generate system generated barcoded government Id card.
  • Also you can manage staff recruitment and transfer system.

Work Flow