Manage special services to your customers, flight operations, customize internet booking service, automate your revenue accounting, manage fleet allocation, operations and cargo, get a better visibility on crew training, monitor aircraft maintenance – Skydot Infotech can help you with all this, and more. Skydot Infotech understands these challenges and devise technology solutions to help airlines utilize IT effectively and improve business processes and profitability. We help airlines leverage technology investments and realize a competitive edge against a backdrop of rapid business changes.


As developers of innovative automotive business software designed specifically for automotive manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors & retailers. Being a total and innovative automotive business solution for the small, mid sized or larger automotive corporations, we Software delivers a complete business solution that provides efficiency and overall productivity.


We help banks drive efficiency, profitability and connected customer experiences across channels with flexible software solutions. Explore the product wheel to learn how we can address your specific needs. Banking software applications for Retail, Private, Universal, Wholesale, Lending business functional requirements - Core processing solutions for Conventional and Banking & Finance institutions, Credit Unions, Microfinance & Cooperatives - leading Core Banking Systems vendor and links information in the international market context.

Communication Services

In a joint statement, the companies said the combination is expected to benefit network equipment providers. we serve a more comprehensive and integrated offering that delivers service availability across telecom solutions. Communication service provider customers want uninterrupted coverage, higher call quality and few, if any, dropped or failed calls. With service assurance solutions from us manage network performance and improve service quality while reducing costs through process automation and operational efficiencies. We enable digital transformation, improve customer intimacy and accelerate innovation to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer packaged goods manufacturers and distributors balance ongoing challenges associated with demographic studies, packaging options, and competition for retail shelf space, they are also dealing with the complexities of seasonal forecasts, production line optimization and distribution management. For these organizations, office system needs to be robust and highly automated so office can deal with retail buyers and changing consumer preferences. Manufacturers are faced with fluctuating demand and shifting brand preferences from various geographies, demographics and market segments. When combined, these challenges contribute to smaller lot sizes and shorter delivery times at a more competitive price. We help enterprises to grow with digital consumers and address new realities by focusing on analytics and mobility


Right from standard institutional solutions to university level complex solutions like, online enrolment, extranet development, merit, online results, e-learning and more. Beyond understands that the exchange of information is vital within the Education Sector. That's why beyond have developed Intelligent Content Delivery to facilitate the sharing of knowledge in the most efficient, intuitive and secure manner possible.

Financial services

We offers the most comprehensive portfolio of applications software designed to help financial services companies improve operational effectiveness, profitability, product innovation, distribution / delivery channel growth, customer relationships and enterprise information management. Our combination of intelligent software and powerful hardware offers a best-in-class, end-to-end solution for every financial services need.

Industrial Manufacturing

Unite your manufacturing resource planning, inventory management, demand forecasting and shipping for manufacturing into a single web-based, Software-as-a-Service solution. Industrial companies sell a large number of products that industrial customers use for maintenance, repair, operations, and production. The engineers behind Manufacturing Cloud are obsessed with production processes, capturing changes and tracking costs. But just like your business, we’re a whole lot more than the sum of our product features. Our robust solutions help industrial manufacturers improve productivity while reducing time to market.

Public Sector

The telecommunications industry is facing a state of change due to rapidly evolving technologies, increase in demand, global diversity of its customer base, demand for new products and services at lower prices and the merging of various industries like cable and satellite with traditional telecommunications. We offered various technology and domain specific solutions to telecommunications industry players over the years, spanning from telecom operators, equipment providers, software providers, content providers as well as allied service providers. Charging and Revenue Management – This includes Billing, Mediation, Prepaid & Convergent Charging and Rating, Loyalty and Churn Management, Recharge and Calling Card Solutions.


We deliver the most advanced, comprehensive and mature e-Government software for local, state, and federal governments. Our e-Government software solutions automate a breadth of government services such as citizen request management, class registration, facility reservations, permits, licenses, registration and land management functions which include: planning, building, code enforcement and engineering.


Companies in this industry design, develop, publish and support web application used to manage health care organizations including hospitals, medical practices, clinics, pharmacies, blood banks, and laboratories. Health care software includes applications for managing patient information and records, clinical information, radiology and laboratory information, financial records, insurance claims. The Healthcare Software Development will see enormous boost with accomplishment of the healthcare reforms.


Satisfy today’s informed, demanding, and hyper-connected customers – with our software solutions for the insurance industry. Tap into real-time customer and business insights, speed time to market for new and custom products, and proactively manage risk and compliance. We provide a complete set of applications to support your core operations—underwriting, policy administration, billing, and claims management. Insurance Suite’s comprehensive applications are built on a common platform, covering the property and casualty insurance lifecycle while providing the deep functionality


We provide software solutions that enable Media, Entertainment and Broadcasting companies to address a rapidly changing market, and meet the increasing demands of the digitally-savvy customer. Skydot Infotech offers software solutions to the media industry to take advantage of the digital revolution in this field. With new channel, networks and devices, distributing and selling digital content requires clarity and exceptional operational skills to adapt to the latest trends. We help you overcome operational challenges, enhance competitiveness, monetize intellectual property, comprehend consumer behavior and develop new business models with simplicity.

Mobile Devices

The product offers security and compliance for IT while giving users mobile device, app and data freedom. Users gain single-click access to all of their mobile apps from a unified corporate app store, including seamlessly-integrated email, browser, data sharing and support apps. IT gains control over mobile devices with full configuration, security, provisioning and support capabilities. In addition, we securely delivers Mobile Apps which built for businesses using the SDK and found through App Gallery.

Natural Resources

Our clients and principal partners include foundations, non-governmental organizations, government agencies and other public and private organizations with interests in the sustainable management and development of natural resources. Today there is greater demand than ever for natural resources, yet the availability of our planet's natural reserves is dwindling. Cost cutting is maxed and prices, competition and risk keep rising. Natural resources companies are looking for greater visibility over their entire business, insight into financial impact of operating decisions, and the ability to know, evaluate and respond in real time business using IT Services.

Retail Marketing

Our retail solutions can help you give your customers personalised one-to-one experiences through channels including online, mobile devices and social media. Gain insight into customers' lifestyle preferences to help develop new products and services. We specializes in providing leading edge solutions for retail service industry worldwide. Our corporate vision is to be a globally admired technology partner of choice for the retail industry. Our retail solution suite enables customers to gain significant competitive advantage in an ever growing payments marketplace. We control the unmatched flexibility of our platform, deep industry expertise and an innovative approach to provide precise processing services globally.

Professional Services

Collaborate more closely with existing clients to grow revenue and fine-tune your business model. Link your talent demand with talent supply more effectively and strengthen your recruiting and training to keep your service quality consistently high. We provide a platform for success for today’s Professional Service Organization by delivering a comprehensive service management software closed-loop solution. We then build on this solid foundation leveraging our highly compliant service-oriented architecture and business process management layer to support the specific needs of industries. Wide range of professional services solutions for business services, legal services, consulting services and staffing services. Comprehensive project management solutions to effectively manage projects from design and construction to scheduling and execution Facilities and space management solution to manage assets effectively.

Securities and Capital Markets

Securities Trading solution from Skydot Infotech offers multi-asset and multi-market trading with real-time risk management in the securities market space. With current regulatory changes and developments in the securities scenario. Given the dynamics of this industry, Skydot Infotech has built competency in the derivatives and risk space through diverse engagements spanning IT and operations, listed in the areas of pricing/analytics, risk and collateral management, transaction processing, trade confirmations, accounting and reporting, to enable clients to do business better. An increasingly severe regulatory framework for securities management has resulted in more administration. This in turn demands more from IT solutions in terms of flexibility and the ability to adapt to changes in regulations and the surrounding world.


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